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I Can't Imagine What Was Distracting Her FAIL

cars crash womenamirite - 5557268992
Created by Unknown

Not How Stop Signs Work FAIL

cars crash irony stop sign womenamirite - 5601641472
Created by Unknown
cars parallel parking Video womenamirite - 30374401

If You Do This, Everyone Hates You FAIL

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cars fail nation g rated parking Video womenamirite - 36657665

Parking Your Smart Car FAIL

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cars Video womenamirite - 33239809

Taking a Shortcut FAIL

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Giving Customers The Wrong Idea FAIL

innuendo womenamirite - 5500709376
Created by Rob R.

A Market I'd Love To Shop At FAIL

acronym innuendo milf womenamirite - 5504496896
cars crash double fail Video womenamirite - 36001025

Setting Your Parking Brake FAIL

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High Jump FAIL

embarrassing fail nation gifs g rated Hall of Fame sports womenamirite - 5541405184
Created by Unknown
cars douchebag parker Hall of Fame oh russia parking Video womenamirite - 36620033

Caring About Where You Park FAIL

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Sweet Rail Slide FAIL

cars crash womenamirite wtf - 5844324352
Created by Greg

Female Empowerment FAIL

fail nation g rated irony Professional At Work school womenamirite - 5893344768
Created by Miggie_smalls16
fail nation falling Hall of Fame plane Video womenamirite YT video - 36509441

Small Body Mass FAIL

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cars douchebag parker parking Video videos womenamirite - 33595649

Technically Parallel Doesn't Count FAIL

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I Think We Missed The Turn FAIL

cars crash womenamirite - 5492949760
Created by Unknown

It's Not a Monorail FAIL

cars crash driving womenamirite - 5599248640
Created by Scott
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