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A Little Premature on That One, Eh?

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How to Tell it's Too Hot Out There

summer weather animals - 8233266944
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Meanwhile, in the Boiling City

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hurricane fox news list Death weather tweets Video - 1008389

Fox Anchor Shepard Smith Decided to Offer Everyone an Unnecessarily-Scary Hurricane Matthew Warning

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Irvine is Getting a Bit Toasty

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tornado weather Damn Nature U Scary Video fail nation - 59534337

This Tumbleweed Firenado Proves That Nature is Still ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING

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Geography FAIL

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You Think Your Mixtape is Fire...

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Cloudy With a Chance of Xenomorphs

Aliens news weather funny fail nation g rated - 7782599168
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Apocalypse Comes Early FAIL

fail nation g rated Hall of Fame math is hard news temperature weather - 5532978432
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Pokémon Go and Hide From Tornadus

Pokémon Go and Hide From Tornadus
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weather monday thru friday g rated - 56985857

The Morning Commute for These People Will Blow You Away

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A Windy Day in the UK

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The Weather Forecaster Got Bored Again!

storm lady bits weather bewbs fail nation - 7047518720
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photobomb weather Video g rated fail nation - 58016513

This Weather Channel Reporter Knows How to Handle a Videobomber

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On-Air Blooper whoops weather robots Video - 71710209

Can Somebody Get the Camera Robot Out of the Frame?

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