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Unnecessary Warning FAIL

warning gross water bathroom toilet duh genius - 6732727808
By Unknown

I Don't Think Anyone Was Planning on Doing This

warning sign gas station oh god why - 7169028608
Via Reddit

This Is What They Think About Your Food FAIL

food Professional At Work warning - 5472643072
By waltcrit

Then Why Did You Put it in the Bathroom, Genius?

Via Acid Cow

If That's What Your Hands Look Like, You Have Bigger Problems Than Keyboard Maintenance

what weird warning fail nation g rated - 8327469312
Via ISitOnAThroneOfLies

Protecting the Grass FAIL

warning sign grass - 6953132800
Via Reddit

Watch Out for Feelings at the Bottom of the Pool

warning sign spelling - 8063269376
Via Arbroath

No Fun at All FAIL

pets sign skating warning - 6619269632
By Unknown

Only Magic Players Would Require This Warning

Via AlbatrossBrewer

So, Nothing Fun is Allowed Here?

warning sign funny - 7736652800
By Unknown

Press Buttons Until the Fire Disappears!

warning sign engrish fire - 8426984960
Via Acid Cow

No Seriously, Lay Off

warning restaurant fail nation - 6997586688
By Unknown

How Awful and Convenient

stairs sign warning - 8171020032
Via ermahgerd_bewbz

Engrish Funny: Comprende?

engrish engrish funny sign spanish translation warning - 6549847040
By Unknown

What Kind of Cruel Joke is This?

warning sign irony - 8272794368
Via laichejl

Some Vegetables Need Instructions FAIL

common sense pizza Professional At Work warning - 5477829120
By Chuckie
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