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What's a Man and His Date Supposed to Do Around Here?

oddly specific warning sign fishing chicken - 8270527744
Via Bits and Pieces

I Mean, Maybe You LIKE Your Coffee to Have a Little Spice

ants gross sign warning - 7992323840
Via Sofa Pizza

Elevator: No Hauntings or Deaths in Six Days!

warning sign bad idea - 8285907712
Via Acid Cow

They're Not Even Trying to Hide it Anymore, Are They?

warning label made in china - 8221791232
Via tyrael0315

Ruining the Fun FAIL

best of week Hall of Fame restroom sign warning - 6581432064
Created by Unknown

Too Much Teeth FAIL

funny signs warning - 6516481280
Created by Paul

Look Out, Here Comes the Fun Police

warning pool fail nation g rated - 8279951360
Via Acid Cow

Not the Biggest Threat FAIL

best of week deer falling Hall of Fame sign warning - 6545191168
Created by Unknown

High-Tech Security FAIL

danger fake sign warning - 6535977984
Created by Meghann

What's This "NaCl" Stuff I Keep Hearing About?

warning facepalm package - 7958500608
Via Neatorama

Then Why Did You Put it in the Bathroom, Genius?

Via Acid Cow
warning cars truck Video - 63863809

A Delivery Truck Pulls a Wheelie Because its Driver Failed to Read the Warnings

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Cheese: The Silent Killer

cheese what warning tag - 7939631616
Created by Unknown

So, Nothing Fun is Allowed Here?

warning sign funny - 7736652800
Created by Unknown

Dying of Shock? Get a Good Massage First.

engrish massage sign warning - 8243882496
Created by Neal Bond ( Via The Bond Street Journal )

How Do I Balcony?

balcony facepalm sign warning - 7960518656
Created by Unknown
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