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Your Secret is Safe With Us

fast food irony license plate vegan vegetarian - 8234551552
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Text message conversation about a vegan who gets angry at a non-vegan for liking tofu

Crazy Vegan Accuses Meat-Eater Of 'Cultural Appropriation' For Liking Tofu

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Turkeys Don't Count As Animals FAIL

food recipe thanksgiving vegetarian - 5437725440
Created by Chris H

The Animals Were Vegetarians

wtf signs vegetarian fail nation g rated - 7245903360
Created by Unknown

Lamb is an Exotic Fruit, Right?

sign food vegetarian - 7456824064
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Some Vegetarians Are Different Than Others

menu facepalm restaurant vegetarian funny - 7835113216
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Man, That's a Weird Way to Spell Tofu

menu engrish food vegetarian - 6956646912
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I'm Seeing Several Things Wrong Here...

gross food vegetarian meat fail nation g rated - 6973076736
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Shaming FAIL

newspaper vegan vegetarian - 6380250624
Created by jayhawk_fan_to_the_death

Chicken is the World's Favorite Vegetable

food vegetarian funny - 7894909184
Created by anselmbe
FAIL vegetarian Video meat - 84406529

Watch This Vegetarian Eat Meat for the First Time in 22 Years and Completely Lose It

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