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Hanging Around FAIL

fence underwear wedgie whoops - 6619271936
By Unknown


dress underwear - 6662697728
By Unknown

It Turns Out You CAN Eat too Much Fruit (of the Loom)

news typo headline what Probably bad News underwear - 8303395328
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Walk of Shame FAIL

lady bits school underwear walk of shame - 6564400128
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Post Jump FAIL

post whoops underwear - 6962225920
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There are Some Questions You Don't Want Answers To

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Not Your Best Day FAIL

cops poop underwear - 6227946496
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Jesus, That Perv

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Taking Pictures FAIL

camera mirror mothers day underwear - 6205858048
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Why Yes, This Seems Like the Perfect Place for the Restroom

Awkward bathroom underwear fail nation g rated - 7151460864
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Figure Out What's Wrong With This Library Picture!

when you see it library underwear fail nation g rated poorly dressed - 7151461632
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A Man in China is Busted After His 2000 Stolen Bras Come Crashing Down From the Ceiling

news creepy Probably bad News underwear fail nation - 8408606976
Via South China Morning Post

Tactical FAIL

whoops underwear - 7123658496
By Sicario

A Rare Cultural Artifact

redneck underwear fail nation - 7067670016
By Unknown

Chair FAIL

underwear - 6440698624
By Unknown

And on That Day, an Editor Received Their Wings

headline puns underwear - 8408623616
Via Bad Newspaper
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