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It Will be an Absolute Blast, for Sure

typo headline depression funny - 7907309568
Via Bad Newspaper

He's the New Doctor Strange, Right?

typo newspaper fail nation g rated - 8394150912
Via Bad Newspaper

From The Makers of Soylent Green FAIL

food innuendo typo whoops wtf - 5701335040
Created by Unknown

Must Have Been a Tiny Suspect

news typo headline spelling - 6897637888
Via Criggo

But Poor Spelling Should Be FAIL

Occupy Wall Street Protest typo - 5486488064
Created by MichelleS

Free Bike FAIL

for sale OC seal signs typo - 5946304256
Created by BamBamBam

We All Suffer From This Disease Sometimes

typo Probably bad News - 7341379328
Via Criggo

Same Difference, Right?

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Dreaming FAIL

Black History Month Protest typo - 5875501568
Created by Bryan Mann

Jingle Balls!

christmas newspaper typo g rated fail nation - 7960498176
Via Bad Newspaper

St Patty's FAIL

holiday signs St Patrick's Day typo - 5944135936
Created by Unknown

Side Effects May Include Loss of Eyes

whoops medicine typo - 8432861696
Via foxy1975

Forgetting The 'G' FAIL

fast food innuendo Professional At Work typo - 5777584128
Created by Josh T

I Don't Think We Can Communicate How Bad of a Typo This Was

spelling whoops typo accidental sexy fail nation - 8258791424
Via AHarrisJDMBA

One of These Criminals is Not Like the Other

celeb news crime when you see it typo - 8175186432
Via Redhotchiliman1

Probably Bad News: Yes, You Have My Attention

newspaper Probably bad News typo - 6497015296
Created by Unknown
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