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pun trolling really Video - 221191

What Do You Call a Girl Without a Clue That She's Not Understanding a Trick Question? This Girl

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tacos trolling Video robbery - 76984833

This Taco Restaurant Hilariously Turned Footage of a Break-In Into an Ad for Their Business

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Now Do You See the Kind of Unrealistic Beauty Standards That Women Face?

beauty women trolling Now Do You See the Kind of Unrealistic Beauty Standards That Women Face?
Via Demariyus_Targaryen

This Picture of a Dog With Ham on Its Head Asking for Prayers Has Over 100,00 Facebook Shares

funny facebook troll pray for dog with ham face
Via Stephen Roseman
Funny text exchange of a dude trolling an obvious scammer.

Brilliant Troll Gives Scammer A Taste Of Their Own Shady Medicine

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guns trolling North Korea Video shooting - 73789441

How North Koreans Shoot Guns

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christmas gifts list trolling - 1266693

If These People Offer Tips on Wrapping Presents, Pass

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Scammer gets taken on hilarious trolling journey by Mississippi country boy.

Scammer Experiences Instant Regret After Accidentally Texting Mississippi Country Boy

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teenager calls into a radio show

15-Year-Old Calls Into Radio Station, Hilarity Ensues

Kevin's playing all the games.
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savage roasts

17 People Who Got Roasted to A Crisp

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Twitter memes about Donald Trump getting trolled on twitter over Time Person of the Year article.

Donald Trump Got Hilariously Trolled Over His Time 'Person Of The Year' Tweet

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trolling dad angry Video - 82837249

Watch This Angry Dad Try and Fail to Find the Source of a Very Irritating Noise

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A collection of times that James Fridman trolled people with photoshop | James Fridman efjamie013 Hey @fjamie013! Can please adjust this Sure. picture order make look as if am holding cliff? Thanks!

Prime Photoshop Trolls From The Master, James Fridman

Ask and you shall receive.
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siri telling you to go as yourself for halloween

Don't Ask Siri for Help on Deciding a Halloween Costume

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Guy ends up beating a Craigslist scammer at their own game | r/ProRevenge u/Oregonlost Beat craigslist scammer at his own game. So hunting rental house valentines day weekend and wasn't finding much, so popped into local Craigslist page and found place at decent but very believable price. No contact info or website, so T emailed through Craigslist relay, everything sounds legit up until he asks pay using

Guy Beats Craigslist Scammer At Their Own Game

Too easy.
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letters newspaper trolling - 771333

A British Newspaper Fell for This Troll's Fake Letters Again and Again

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