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weird stuff seen on the subway

Strange and Freaky Moments on the Subway

Just a regular commute.
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crash train Video fail nation - 57870337

A Teeny Tiny Train Making a Big Impact

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kids parenting train - 82326017

I Have a Feeling This 2-year-old Is Going to Grow Up Into Something Evil

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Keeping Your Belongings Inside the Vehicle FAIL

backpack doors fail nation g rated train - 6378648320
By Unknown

Portable Computing FAIL

computer train public transportation - 6659854336
By Unknown

What's the Wi-Fi Password Here?

computers train - 8220631808
By beernbiccies
bad idea fire train Video - 67608321

Something is Wrong With This Train, or its About to Enter Boost Mode

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rage public transportation train Video fail nation - 66714369

We've All Experienced the Rage This Swedish Man Has After Just Missing His Train

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Stopping FAIL

car accident gifs train - 6420757760
By Unknown

You Don't Belong There FAIL

cars Hall of Fame parking train wtf - 5985517568
By Unknown
car driver dumb fail nation g rated train Video YT video - 36691713

Stupidity Knows No Boundaries FAIL

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FAIL new york Subway train Video - 80898561

Watch This Beautiful Compilation of New Yorkers Missing the Subway Train

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An Amtrak Train Ran Into a Truck Carrying Tens of Thousands of Pounds of Bacon. A Moment of Silence, Please.

Via TrinaOrlando

The Best Seat on the Train

funny train public transit - 7922307840
By Unknown
FAIL Subway train Video - 76713217

Miss Your Stop on the Subway? No Sweat

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This Train is Just 2 Furious

Via Brown Cardigan
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