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Here to take a dump? Toilet jokes, memes ,and everything in between will provide you with hours of mirth while you snicker behind your hand. So whether your humor is already as dirty as the flush handle, or you're looking to expand outwards, this hilarious toilet humor will have you chuckling in no time.

We Tried to Warn You!

warning sign toilet fail nation - 8409565440
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Who Didn't See That Coming?

ouch gifs bathroom toilet g rated fail nation - 8233299712
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spiders spider Kill It With Fire oh god why toilet Video fail nation - 69235201

Not Even a Cautionary Flush Can Stop the Toilet Spider From Hell

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Stopping Traffic FAIL

traffic toilet - 6632999936

Getting Likes FAIL

public restroom sign toilet - 6189102080
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Private Research FAIL

camera creepy joke joke? sign toilet - 6564407808

Vince, Stop Pinching the Loafs Off

warning bread toilet - 7039557632
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Awkward bathroom toilet Video - 70664449

Things Get Hilariously Awkward When a Blue-Blooded American Tries a Bidet for the First Time

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bad idea fire toilet Video fail nation - 58678273

Here's a Great Idea: Use FIRE to Unclog a Toilet. Wait, the Opposite of What I Just Said.

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There's No Way to Straighten This Thing Out

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Bowel Control FAIL

public restroom toilet - 6396676864
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fireworks toilet - 75683073

These Guys Try to Unclog a Toilet With the Most Logical Pipe Cleaner: a Firecracker

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There's Only One Reason a Sign Like This Exists

sign bathroom toilet funny - 7691532800
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Sketchy Toilet FAIL

creepy decorations toilet santa - 6844144640

That Narrows it Down FAIL

disabled elderly fail nation funny signs g rated pregnant toilet - 6411778048
tifu, reddit, denny's, today i fucked up, story about wife going to a denny's to use the bathroom

Guy Suspects Wife Is Cheating, She's Actually Going to Denny's to Use The Toilet

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