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Here to take a dump? Toilet jokes, memes ,and everything in between will provide you with hours of mirth while you snicker behind your hand. So whether your humor is already as dirty as the flush handle, or you're looking to expand outwards, this hilarious toilet humor will have you chuckling in no time.

Goodbye Forever

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Sketchy Toilet FAIL

creepy decorations toilet santa - 6844144640
By Unknown
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Guy Suspects Wife Is Cheating, She's Actually Going to Denny's to Use The Toilet

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Taking the Idea of a "Half-Bath" Very Seriously

bathroom toilet fixed funny - 7720633088
By Unknown

We Tried to Warn You!

warning sign toilet fail nation - 8409565440
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Some of the Bathrooms at the Sochi Olympics Are a Little too Comfy

Awkward bathroom toilet Sochi 2014 fail nation g rated - 8015719424
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Suggestion FAIL

fail nation g rated sign toilet - 6403151360
By Unknown

Vince, Stop Pinching the Loafs Off

warning bread toilet - 7039557632
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Today the Kids Learned a Valuable Lesson About Condoms and Septic Systems

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Finally, The Toilet That Says "I've Given Up."

oh god why toilet - 6943648512
By Unknown

Staying Put FAIL

Walmart toilet news headline - 6653902848
By Unknown

There's No Way to Straighten This Thing Out

Via Draffut2012

Great, Now I Have to Double Check My Toilet Every Time...

bathroom toilet Probably bad News fail nation g rated - 8385585664
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Number 2 is More Fun With 4!

bathroom toilet only in russia - 8054159616
By Unknown

Helping The Handicapped FAIL

bathroom common sense handicapped toilet - 5477226752
By steveluyten

Preparing For Something Big?

toilet paper bathroom toilet - 6952539904
By Unknown
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