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there I fixed it

Who Needs a Green Thumb With Repairs Like This?

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Locked Out FAIL

g rated there I fixed it - 6847170560
By Unknown

Someday We Will Use Crocs for This

shoes DIY there I fixed it - 8058534400
By Unknown

That's One Big Blind Spot You've Got There Now

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There We Go, Ready to Fly!

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When You Need AC, You Go to Great Lengths

By AndrewMason

Check Your Blind Spots, AND Your Fine Self

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Second-Hand DollarShave Club Member

funny fail image Second-Hand DollarShave Club Member
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You Have to Jiggle the Handle to Get in and Out, but it Works!

Land vehicle
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Home Security FAIL

fix lock security there I fixed it - 6536372736
By jantoreg

Say What You Will About This Hunk of Junk, it Works!

Vehicle - BURGE KING Washingtan St NG BURGER-KING
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And Then Chair Said 'Fiat Lux'

chair FAIL light there I fixed it - 8572337152
By Unknown

A Real Sole Skater

shoes FAIL DIY skating there I fixed it - 8814510848
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These 15 Drivers Might Be Pushing the Limits of Their Cars and Driving Skills a Little Too Far

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diy fixes fails

21 Hilariously Failed DIY Fixes

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When Those Florida Seasons Are Just Getting Hotter, Staying Cool is Better Than Looking Cool

funny fail image there i fixed it car with extra air conditioner
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