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Something isn't Quite Right Here...

shoplifting thats-racist shaving wait a minute - 7117152512
By Unknown

At Least Their Prices Are Low FAIL

Professional At Work restaurant thats-racist wtf - 5690375936
By FullyTorque

Shocking Accessories FAIL

DIY fail nation g rated hardware thats-racist - 5747534592
By Unknown

Treating Animals as Equals FAIL

animals promotion racism signs thats-racist wtf - 5438829824
shopping thats-racist stealing vine - 62734849

One Young Man's Shopping Experience is Still Way too Common in 2014

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New Wikipedia Picture FAILs

internet juxtaposition thats-racist wikipedia - 5497029376
By Unknown

Gingivitis Genocide FAIL

product fail thats-racist toothpaste - 5491785984
By ThatDumbFabric

An All-Girl's School Made a "Black History Month" Menu, And You Know Exactly Why This Was a Bad Idea

news thats-racist Black History Month Video fail nation g rated - 8043190016
Via NBC Bay Area

Engrish Outlet FAIL

engrish outlet design racism thats-racist - 6688026368
By Unknown

Costume Idea FAIL

costume fail nation g rated halloween thats-racist - 5508875776
By Unknown

Breaking Boundaries FAIL

irony signs thats-racist - 5447796224
By Dan B

Covering All Bases FAIL

fail nation g rated grocery store Professional At Work thats-racist - 5645598208
By Unknown

Bringing Your Own FAIL

chicken fast food kfc thats-racist - 5900224000
By PyroDC

San Diego Wave Condition FAIL

beach juxtaposition thats-racist - 5952747008
By decatt

Probably Bad News: That's The Politically Correct Term, Right?

black friday Probably bad News thats-racist - 5493085952
By Unknown

Yao Ming's Career Move FAIL

asian thats-racist tv guide typo - 5433091840
By Mesosalih
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