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Choice of Hue FAIL

tax dollars at work thats-racist - 5902879744
Created by Unknown

Shocking Accessories FAIL

DIY fail nation g rated hardware thats-racist - 5747534592
Created by Unknown

Gingivitis Genocide FAIL

product fail thats-racist toothpaste - 5491785984
Created by ThatDumbFabric

San Diego Wave Condition FAIL

beach juxtaposition thats-racist - 5952747008
Created by decatt

Probably Bad News: Who Does #2 Work For?

airplane bathroom Probably bad News thats-racist wtf - 5451515136
Created by Unknown

Can I get a McFail with a side of McRacism, please?

McDonald's signs thats-racist - 5740855296
Created by amacdon

Celebrating Black History Month FAIL

Black History Month eminem thats-racist - 5763457280
Created by Aaron ( Via )

It's Even Funnier With Crackers FAIL

fail nation food g rated thats-racist wtf - 5671246336
Created by Unknown

Treating Animals as Equals FAIL

animals promotion racism signs thats-racist wtf - 5438829824
Created by KM

A Massachusetts Police Car Got Tagged With a Controversial Bumper Sticker, Things Got Awkward

twitter thats-racist cars police fail nation - 8301081344
Via Mad World News

Arizona Parking FAIL

arizona cars parking thats-racist wtf - 5658828288
Created by dante2810

Engrish Outlet FAIL

engrish outlet design racism thats-racist - 6688026368
Created by Unknown
thats-racist vine weird Video - 61072641

She Was About to Say Something Racist, Good Thing She Just Turned into a Goose Instead

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Covering All Bases FAIL

fail nation g rated grocery store Professional At Work thats-racist - 5645598208
Created by Unknown

Costume Idea FAIL

costume fail nation g rated halloween thats-racist - 5508875776
Created by Unknown

Yao Ming's Career Move FAIL

asian thats-racist tv guide typo - 5433091840
Created by Mesosalih
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