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Closing Your Hands FAIL

gifs headshot ouch television - 5773255936
Created by Unknown

Not Good Enough FAIL

Close Enough knock off television - 5927900672
Created by Dalziel
broken television Video video games - 34669313


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TV Reporting FAILs

best of week cable Hall of Fame news reporting television - 6564430080
Via Just a Stranger

Explaining How a TV Works FAIL

common sense stupidity technology television - 5419228672
Created by Unknown

The Horrible Reaction of Love FAIL

innuendo juxtaposition television - 6060382464
Created by gdthom42
A funny Tumblr thread that includes Avatar The Last Airbender plot osmosis | bygodstillam 2 cerusee tumblr Follow glitch-h Ive never seen avatar last airbender but here is my understanding plot based on tumblr avatar is important bc he can bend all elements and no one else can. There hasnt been one while and fire nation is taking over couple siblings find boy trapped ice he's like 9 and bald and last airbender. Also he's avatar and they know this somehow -siblings are like "well guess have

Tumblr Thread: Avatar The Last Airbender Plot Osmosis

Not a bad job for someone who hasn't seen the show.
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You Could Say James "Wants the Peach"

accidental sexy television fail nation - 7350277376
Via Sofa Pizza

It's Been a Good Run, Folks!

television - 7062313728
Via Reddit
the simpsons iconic moment bart fails a test

Bart Simpson Fails His Test

Painfully relatable.
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Sticker Placement FAIL

DVD sticker placement television - 5569928192
Created by Kettleen

A Picture Worth a Million Words

new show estimates thousands at gay marriage rally image
Via robertcmmacgregor
live news Video television - 46552065

News Broadcast FAIL

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Tumblr Thread on the collateral damage the Mythbusters caused | switch-up-snowfox Follow Oh cannonball ain't nothin compared esparto incident. nate2247 Follow now switch-up-snowfox Follow They were testing phrase "knock socks off" and because its mythbusters build team (which consists 3 boom addicted gremlins) they decided go quarry near Esparto california test myth by blowing shit up. This time they got 500 pounds ANFO detonation pretty damn big.

Tumblr Thread: Collateral Damage Caused by Mythbusters

Sometimes things got out of hand.
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compilation news television fail nation - 57239297

Witness the News Bloopers of 2013!

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Fun For The Whole Family FAIL

not for kids television - 5469687040
Created by anonymous ( Via TV Duck )
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