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Typical Taco Bell Menu FAIL

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Vegetarian Option FAIL

common sense fast food food taco bell - 5853221888
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taco bell FAIL Video - 71840257

Correction, He HAD a Free Taco

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Maybe We've Finally Gone Too Far, Doritos

taco bell doritos food monday thru friday g rated - 7169045760

This Baltimore Resident Gets Stuck in the Janus Storm, but Tacos Come First

craigslist taco bell storm winter - 8017574144

Tacos Have That Effect on You

taco bell farts fast food newspaper - 8193409024
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rage taco bell fast food Video - 69808385

No One Rages at Taco Bell Like This Woman

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Authentic Mexican FAIL

billboard food sign taco bell - 6580559360
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A Drunk, Belligerent Cyclist Really Wanted 3:00 AM Taco Bell, Leading to the Best Mugshot Ever

taco bell news drunk Probably bad News - 8381377280

Taco Bell FAIL

paper taco bell - 6431019776

Not Close Enough FAIL

food missed so close taco bell - 6581006848
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"Sour Cream on the Side, Please"

taco bell facepalm food fail nation g rated - 8293103872
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