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Think of the Savings!

sticker price facepalm funny - 7611083520
Created by Unknown

Any Volunteers to Test Out This Knife On?

sticker FAIL knife ads - 8518316800
Created by frustratemyself

This Sticker Placement Changes Everything

sticker whoops accidental gross - 7093899520
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Civic Duty FAIL

sticker farts election 2012 - 6742490624
Created by Unknown

Sticker Placement FAIL

sticker accidental sexy DVD - 7019019008
Created by Joanie_mac

Those Aren't Seeds, They're Potential Watermelons

sticker FAIL food fruit grocery store - 8526290432
Created by TheTorontoKid

Stay Classy, Montana FAIL

cars classy confusing double entendre inappropriate rocks sticker truck - 5435002368
Created by johnclayton