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Memorializing a Headbutt FAIL

statue soccer football - 6653054464
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Aberdeen, Washington Erected a Kurt Cobain Statue to Celebrate the Fallen Celebrity, and Now We're ALL Crying for the Wrong Reasons

statue derp - 8076307968
By Unknown

Rabbit's Going to do What a Rabbit's Going to Do

accidental sexy design statue fail nation - 8194773760
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Batter Down!

statue you had one job facepalm baseball derp - 7813016832
By Unknown

Yikes! FAIL

gifs Hall of Fame prank statue - 6187996928
By Unknown

This Statue Commemorates the Special Love That Only a Man and Sturgeon Can Have

accidental sexy fish statue - 8005940736
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art Awkward London statue reactions - 984325

Weirdly Suggestive Statue Unveiled In London Leaves the Internet Very Confused

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Creepachu FAIL

Pokémon creepy statue pikachu - 6767244800
By Unknown

Suspicious Statue FAIL

cannon accidental sexy statue military - 7036715264
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