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On the Bright Side, Now You Have Some Sweet Slushies

soda whoops winter - 7938100224
By Unknown

Just Another 50¢ to Add a Bird to it Too

Via champagnemanagement

Not Diet Enough FAIL

anti-theft coca cola diet coke soda - 6527276800
By Unknown
russia guns soda DIY Video - 72721409

In Russia, a DIY Low-Budget Grenade Launcher Shoots Soda Bottles

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Store Display FAIL

coke display soda store whoops - 6537547008
By Unknown

Engrish Menu FAIL

menu engrish soda phone can literal Hall of Fame best of week - 6770356992
By Unknown

Favorite Soda FAIL

menu engrish engrish funny soda accidental sexy coke - 6727760640
By Unknown
explosion whoops soda Video fail nation - 65944577

They Can't Make Their Own Soda, But These People Are Great at Making a Mess

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soda Video - 47804673

Attempting to Set a Record Usually Doesn't End Well

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Marketing FAIL

engrish pepsi marketing soda coke can - 6734530816
By danielnerytondo


broken soda whoops - 6599139328
By Unknown

Getting Some Snacks FAIL

convenience store cop horse soda - 6577079552
By Unknown

Looks Like the Soda Went POP!

explosion soda cold food - 7014549248
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Coca Cola Delivery FAIL

coca cola engrish funny only in russia russia soda truck - 6592177664
By Unknown

Can't Tell if Brilliant Idea or Worst Idea Ever FAIL

bacon soda - 5615406336
By Unknown
starter pack thread about welcome to the midwest which nails the stereotypes of the region

25 Midwestern Tweets That'll Make You Want To Down A Bottle Of Ranch

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