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Those Socks Really Don't Match the Rest of the Outfit

newspaper juxtaposition socks - 8326313728
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Totally Useless FAIL

gadget invention socks useless - 6564401152
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Run in the Opposite Direction of These 1D Socks

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When You Love Cats, But That Message Isn't Clear

When You Love Cats, But That Message Isn't Clear
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That Sock Sure Has One Hell of a Mouth On It!

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These Aren't the Clone Faces They Were Going For

funny fail image star wars clone trooper socks faces
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socks robots nice try Video - 69720833

Add "Putting on Socks" to the List of Things Robots Are Currently Terrible at Performing

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Seems Like Someone Didn't Have Enough Coffee Before Making These Socks

funny fail image coffee socks spelling FAIL
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You Know What They Say About a Guy With Big Hand-Socks...

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Funny reddit thread about girlfriend poop on socks, using socks to wipe | r/relationship_advice posted by whattodobedroom think my girlfriend (26) has been using my gym socks wipe after going bathroom. Throwaway, because reasons. TL;DR: Found my gym socks garbage covered poop. Asked girlfriend about She started yelling at and crying and left

Distressed Dude Asks Reddit For Help With A Very Crappy Relationship Issue

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