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Confirmed: That's a Durable Board

ouch skateboarding gifs right in the face - 8185657856
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Landing a Perfect Kickflip Nutsracked

funny fail gif Landing a Perfect Kickflip Nutsracked
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From Failing to Smooth Sailing

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ouch skateboarding bad idea Video fail nation - 68303361

Let's Have a Drunk Mom Ride This Skateboard, What Could Go Wrong?

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Way to Break Your Combo Multiplier, Dude

gifs ouch skateboarding - 8224856064
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Mixed Messages FAIL

sign skateboarding - 6166238720
By Elijah

Jumping Over Truck Fail

ouch skateboarding FAIL gifs truck fail nation g rated - 6715071232
By _C_A_T_
ouch skateboarding whoops tacos Video - 70229505

Things Get a Little too Gnarly When a Skateboarding Taco Goes Head-First into Traffic

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Longboards Were Never Meant to do Things Like This

ouch skateboarding gif right in the crotch skating fail nation - 7936973056
By Unknown
ouch skateboarding whoops Video fail nation - 69177857

Way to Watch Out for Your Fellow Skaters, Bro

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skateboarding FAIL smash driving Cats Video - 81553409

When You Smash a $250,000 Car's Windshield, Make Sure You Can Run Faster Than the Owner

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skateboarding whoops drunk Video - 69498369

Please, Don't Drink and Skate. Unless You Get it on Camera

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skateboarding Criminally Dumb Criminal Probably bad News Video fail nation - 66837505

A Genius Criminal Attempts to Outrun a Police Chase on a Skateboard

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That's a Lot of Skinned Knees Right There

ouch skateboarding gif funny - 7757991168
By Unknown


gifs ouch skateboarding - 8054137088
By Unknown

So Long Coccyx, We Knew Ye Well

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