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Way to Watch Out for Your Fellow Skaters, Bro

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Locals Are Concerned About a Certain Shape in the Design of Their New Skate Park

skateboarding design fail Locals Are Concerned About a Certain Shape in the Design of Their New Skate Park
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Oh Hey, Ollie into Facesmack

ouch skateboarding gifs trick shot basketball - 8376346112
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So Long Coccyx, We Knew Ye Well

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Once Again: Helmets. Wear Them.

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Jumping Over Truck Fail

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Created by _C_A_T_

Mixed Messages FAIL

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Way to Break Your Combo Multiplier, Dude

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Another Reminder That Helmets Save Lives

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Landing a Perfect Kickflip Nutsracked

funny fail gif Landing a Perfect Kickflip Nutsracked
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Confirmed: That's a Durable Board

ouch skateboarding gifs right in the face - 8185657856
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Longboards Were Never Meant to do Things Like This

ouch skateboarding gif right in the crotch skating fail nation - 7936973056
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Every Great Skateboarding Flop Needs a Soundtrack

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This "Damn Ass Rock" Messes Up What Would Have Otherwise Been a Flawless Skateboard Run

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Human Shield FAIL

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