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Be Careful How You Fold Those "Canada" Shirts

accidental sexy shirt not what it looks like - 7139161856
Created by Unknown

I (Leaning Tower of Pisa) Berlin, Too!

London shirt geography - 8375660032
Created by beernbiccies

We Have Seen the Eye, and We Are Terrified

shirt g rated fail nation - 8225813248
Via jessicaseamons

Just Toss Some Dictionary Pages on That Shirt, That'll Do

fashion engrish shirt g rated - 6897647616
Via Reddit

I Don't Remember This Pony

my little pony shirt knockoff funny fail nation - 7856806912
Via Reddit

Missing the Point FAIL

facepalm airline shirt Probably bad News flying fail nation g rated - 7014016768
Via Metro

Awkward Meeting FAIL

Awkward best of week football Hall of Fame shirt tom brady - 6568892416
Created by Unknown

Something Tells Me This isn't the Cross-Promotional Branding They Were Going For

apple fashion engrish nike shirt knockoff - 8015726848
Created by Unknown

Classic Try at Developing His Mission to the East

engrish FAIL shirt spelling - 8969573632
Created by Unknown

TRUE Happiness is Stealing This

fashion shirt irony funny - 7538415104
Created by Unknown

The City So Cool it Doesn't Need a Second "C"

whoops shirt spelling funny - 7607668736
Via Nordstrom

Nurturing The Naughty FAIL

celeb shirt - 5732780544
Created by Unknown

She Was Arrested for Exactly the Thing Her Shirt says She Loves

mugshot drugs shirt Probably bad News irony fail nation g rated - 8372372992
Via The Smoking Gun

I Apple the Big Love NYC!

fashion engrish shirt funny - 7767992064
Created by Unknown

Nike's Slogan-eering Goes Wrong

whoops accidental sexy nike shirt fail nation - 7148637440
Created by Unknown

Just Wash Your Hands After You Introduce Yourself to Him

accidental sexy shirt - 8081266176
Created by Unknown
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