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Breathalyzer FAIL

Criminally Dumb Criminal shirt dui irony - 7000359168
By G-Unit1111 (Via The Smoking Gun)

Somebody Got the Short End of the Deal here

whoops shirt funny - 7534895616
Via Reddit

Missing the Point FAIL

facepalm airline shirt Probably bad News flying fail nation g rated - 7014016768
Via Metro

The Rare Horned Hippo?

SMH shirt genius - 7443416832
By Unknown
twitter FAIL list parenting shirt sexy times - 1043973

You Can Only Hope Your Mom Accidentally Buys You Something This Hilarious

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Just Toss Some Dictionary Pages on That Shirt, That'll Do

fashion engrish shirt g rated - 6897647616
Via Reddit

You Have a Point, I AM Pants

fashion whoops shirt spelling poorly dressed g rated - 7047528960
By Unknown

What Not to Wear When You Visit Grandma

FAIL shirt - 8814563328
Via Grumblebeetuna

We Have Seen the Eye, and We Are Terrified

shirt g rated fail nation - 8225813248
Via jessicaseamons

He's Like the Other Guy, but Fuzzier

engrish Spider-Man shirt knockoff funny - 7614333184
By Unknown

Disney, I Do Not Think That Means What You Think it Means...

fashion disney THE D shirt - 7187516672
Via Reddit

Just Wash Your Hands After You Introduce Yourself to Him

accidental sexy shirt - 8081266176
By Unknown

Nurturing The Naughty FAIL

celeb shirt - 5732780544
By Unknown

The Economy Hits Everybody Hard

engrish accidental sexy shirt - 8270686976
Via rprakash1782

Then Wash Them FAIL

fashion engrish gross shirt spelling - 6828414208
Via Reddit

I Apple the Big Love NYC!

fashion engrish shirt funny - 7767992064
By Unknown
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