FAIL Nation


You must be on a quest if you've come to search here. Searching for the search is a arduous task full of danger and glory, and also maybe even a backspace or two. Google provides us with endless fill in the blanks that are truly hysterical and sometimes mildly disturbing. So if you like to see how ridiculous search engines can get, you won't be disappointed.

We Are Not Very Bright, as a People

Chart search roman numerals - 8115113472
Via Brown Cardigan

AutoComplete FAILs

autocomplete google jesus poop search - 5584791552
By HalloHerrNoob

Missing Woman FAIL

best of week disguise Hall of Fame Hiking oh canada Probably bad News search - 6551660800
By Chris Wilson (Via Ottawa Sun)

The Lion, The Witch and the FAIL

trash trash can search - 6628337920
By Toucan66 (Via Telegraph)

The Prof is Keeping Up With Current Events, it Seems

sexy times google search - 8323518208
Via Joeyrpugh

Fascinating Question FAIL

autocomplete blind google search - 6549849600
By Unknown

Studying Has Never Been More Exciting!

funny fail image educational app search reveals boobs
Via nptoL