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This Statue of Lucille Ball is so Terrifying, the Artist is Offering to do it Over

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chair scary prank Video fail nation - 49262593

The Chairs Are Alive With the Sound of Pranks

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stories of the paranormal that just can't be explained otherwise

21 People Share The Creepiest And Most Paranormal Things To Happen To Them

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scary clowns prank Video - 60897537

Things Go a Little too Far in This Crazy Killer Clown Prank

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scary dogs pets Video fail nation g rated - 68184321

Tiny Dog, Big Terror

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close call scary Video dash cam - 59990529

This is Probably The Closest Close Call Video That We've Ever Seen

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McDonald's: Come for the Sundae, Stay for the Eternal Damnation of the Human Soul!

accidental creepy scary food fast food fail nation g rated - 8425093632
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Family Fun Holiday? Check. Trauma? Check

easter scary sketchy bunnies creepy fail nation g rated - 7154088192
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Censorship of the Day: This Terrifying Clown Poster Was Banned for Being Too Spooky for the Children

clowns poster Censorship of the Day: This Terrifying Clown Poster Was Banned for Being Too Spooky for the Children
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live tweets of a school shooter from a teacher

Teacher Live-Tweets Her Experience Going Through An Active Shooter Lockdown

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Gif of the Day: Remove One Tree and Another Takes its Place

scary trees gifs work fail nation - 8152071936
Guy takes it too far when he pulls an evil clown prank on his roommate.

Guy Traumatizes Roommate With Evil Clown Prank

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tweets from a ouija boarder

Traumatized Guy's Twitter Thread About Cursed Ouija Board Experience Will Possess You With Fear

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scary FAIL Video snake - 84592385

Watching This Famously Venomous Snake Casually Dangle From Girl's Nightlight Legit Just Made My Balls Shrivel Up in Fear

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Winter is Literally Trying to Kill Us

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christmas scary FAIL decorations santa Video - 76705537

This German Santa Animatronic Will Ensure That No Kids Dare to Be Naughty

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