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Sketchy Toilet FAIL

creepy decorations toilet santa - 6844144640
By Unknown

It's All in the Name, Wake Up Sheeple!

christmas sign satan santa - 8405393664
Via The Sourpuss

Probably Bad News: You'll Be Hearing From His Lawyer, Frosty

christmas drunk fail nation g rated news Probably bad News santa - 5567304960
By Unknown

The Elf on The Shelf Has... Turned.

elf on the shelf creepy santa holidays - 6898662656
By Unknown

Russian Christmas is WAY Scarier Than Halloween

christmas creepy santa sketchy santas accidental creepy - 8369506304
Via daaaamngirl88

Santa Bread FAIL

bread santa sketchy santas Nailed It holidays - 6875367680
By Unknown
Criminally Dumb Criminal santa Probably bad News Video fail nation g rated - 66301697

Christmas Comes Early for This Santa Knocking Down a Post Office

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christmas parenting Video santa - 76931585

So This is What Happens When Kids are Hooked Up To Lie Detectors in Front of Santa

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Probably Bad News Classic: Isn't Santa a Red Though?

christmas Probably bad News santa - 5532135680
By Ted-m

See? Cats LOVE Santa!

christmas bad idea santa Cats fail nation - 8408738048
Via Kakies

Rudolph is Tired of These Reindeer Games

gif ouch reindeer santa fail nation - 7960523008
By Unknown

Bjorn The Reindeer Secures A Spot On The Naughty List With His Latest Jailbreak

Via Mashable
christmas santa funny Video g rated fail nation - 56528129

The Worst News Anchor in the World Lets the Cat Out of the Bag About Santa

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