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Steeple Chase Double FAIL

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Just Another Good Reason to Never Use a Treadmill Again

funny fail image iphone dropped into treadmill is real bad
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Cruising into Second Like Welp

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"Almost There!" FAIL

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The Highlight of the Commonwealth Games? This Poor Kid Thinking He Can Keep Up With the Runners.

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Whoever Wins This Race, the Venue Loses

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Looks Like GTA isn't the Only Time You Can Outrun the Cops

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A News Reporter Tries to Keep Pace With Marathon Runners After the 21 Mile Mark. Let's See How She Does.

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Watching People Walk Down Stairs After Running a Marathon is Way Funnier Than it Should Be

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Bionic Woman FAIL

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Watching Your Step FAIL

boat lake running trip - 6261358336
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He Must Have Left The Oven On

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Running for Your Life FAIL

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Qwop, the Mural

drawing school art FAIL running - 8574049792
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