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roof trampoline accident waiting to happen Gravity fail nation g rated - 6941483776
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You Don't Need Ankles to Do Parkour

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So... Watcha Doin' Up There Buddy?

Kyle coming downstair from upstairs by punching thru the drywall
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Crashing the Party FAIL

roof whoops Party crash - 6838368512
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Parking is Free on Sundays, Right?

roof douchebag parkers how cars fail nation g rated - 8120794112
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Dropping in on the Neighbors FAIL

ouch roof repairs fix - 7042474752
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wind roof FAIL building Video - 80464897

The Wind Will Huff and Puff and Blow Your Roof Down

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Some Should Have Chopped Just a Few More Logs for the Pile

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It's Snow Problem!

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roof brazil alcohol FAIL monkey Video - 78288641

The Only Way to Make a Drunk Monkey Story Better is to Give it a Knife!

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It's Not Always a Good Idea to Branch Out Clearing the Snow Off the Roof

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Scraping the Roof FAIL

gifs roof whoops snow animated - 6750156544
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You're Using "Fixed" Very Loosely

roof FAIL work Kludge there I fixed it - 8602987520
Created by nicole.vivian