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Genius Behind Creating the Robot Who Only Speaks in GIFS Delivers on Promise In Amazing New Video

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Robots FAIL Just Like Us

Via Loopdeloops
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This Poor Battle Bot Didn't Stand a Chance Against...Itself

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Looks Like The Only Way To Prevent A Robot Uprising is To Give Them Pop Tarts?

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YouTube AI bans robot battles for inappropriate content relating to animal abuse

YouTube Mistakenly Bans Robot Battles For "Animal Cruelty" Content

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WTF of the Day: Woman Attacked By Robot Vacuum Cleaner in South Korea

Via Korea Bizwire
socks robots nice try Video - 69720833

Add "Putting on Socks" to the List of Things Robots Are Currently Terrible at Performing

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A Beer Fetching Robot Seems Way Better Than It Actually Is

Via JaredBanyard

"Mind if I Join?"

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The Robots Can't Take Over Yet, They Can't Even Play Dodgeball!

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This is the Apocalypse "Terminator" Was Referring to

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Via Bad Newspaper
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Mashup of the Day: Watch a Bunch of Robots Fall with WWE Wrestling Commentary

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On-Air Blooper whoops weather robots Video - 71710209

Can Somebody Get the Camera Robot Out of the Frame?

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This Sexy Dancing Animatronic Woman is the Creepiest Thing I've Seen in Weeks

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FAIL answer robots Video - 82011393

There is No Misunderstanding This Robot's Straight Forward Response to Wanting to Destroy Humans

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This Woman's Latest Terrifying Invention is a Set of Knives That Chop

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