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Stay in School, Kids. Don't End Up Like This Chump.

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By ichc.chrispeeler
FAIL cars Video robbery - 81718017

This Carwash-Jacking Proves Getting Hosed is a Totally Viable Defense

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Probably Bad News: Someone Needs To Catch Up On His Scooby Doo

Charged With Stupidity Probably bad News robbery science stupid criminals - 5432741888
news FAIL Video robbery win - 309511

Don't Bring Just One Knife to Rob a Restaurant, Or They'll Out Knife You

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How The Tables Have Turned FAIL

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By Unknown
burglar plant robbery thief Video - 38120961

Armed Robbery FAIL

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keys FAIL cars Video robbery win - 77746945

When This Guy Noticed Someone Pull in and Rob a Convenience Store, He Foils Their Get-Away Plans

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beer Video robbery theft - 58676225

These Crooks Stage an Elaborate and Destructive Break-in... for Beer

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FAIL fight security camera Video robbery - 76776449

This Failed Robbery Attempt Fight Lasted Longer Than Some Recent UFC Matches

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Robbery FAIL

gifs gun robbery - 6372184320
By Unknown

Probably Bad News: He Just Wanted Someone To Ride With

Charged With Stupidity Probably bad News robbery stupid criminals - 5508862976
By Unknown

Time For More Strict Pen Control Laws

criminally dumb criminals Probably bad News robbery - 7159939072
By G-Unit1111 (Via ABC15)
Criminally Dumb Criminal Video robbery theft - 61846785

The Newest Inductee into the Criminal Hall of Fame Attempted to Steal Lobster Tails By Stuffing Them Down Her Pants

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Canada FAIL hockey Video robbery - 82260993

Next Season Make Sure Your Fantasy Hockey Team Includes Beer-Stealing Robbers

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Doubling Down on Criminal Stupidity

heist Criminally Dumb Criminal kfc Probably bad News robbery fail nation g rated - 6943424000
Via NY Daily News

Probably Bad News: Sloppy Seconds

Probably bad News robbery stupid criminals - 5804329984
By Makadue
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