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So... Watcha Doin' Up There Buddy?

Kyle coming downstair from upstairs by punching thru the drywall
Via I Heart Chaos

OSHA is Crying Right Now

repairs safety funny fail nation g rated - 7415489792

Looks Like You Have About Three Days to Fix That

repairs phone irony - 7077685504

This is Not Your Cozy Bed

Party repairs passed out - 7078139648

Guess When the Level Broke?

repairs ocd window - 7058878720

We Can Fix ALMOST Anything

sign repairs irony funny - 7753201152
Created by mr-cool

Maybe It's Time for Some Road Repairs

repairs road cars - 7093904896
Via Joanne Casey

I Know Your First Project!

sign repairs irony - 6901555456

When You Need AC, You Go to Great Lengths

Created by AndrewMason

"Potential Energy" is Largely a Myth Anyway

cars bad idea repairs - 8170992896
Via klb112
repairs right in the crotch Video fail nation g rated - 49382657

This Well-Drilling Disaster is Straight Out of "The Three Stooges"

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Enjoy Your House's New Permanent Accessory!

genius ladder repairs - 7962352896

At Least You're Still Driving a BMW?

repairs lock car broken - 7048118784
Via Reddit

It's Great if You Only Want to See a Little Bit of a Person

Via Bits and Pieces

"Slight Rattling Noise" FAIL

cars driving engine repairs - 6586096640
Via Reddit

Time to Go FAIL

time repairs school Office broken clock - 6746811904
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