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Those Walmart Bourgeois Don't Know Nothin' About Real People!

redneck Walmart newspaper g rated fail nation - 8132799744
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Fair Trade FAIL

fair news redneck - 6594926592
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A Rare Cultural Artifact

redneck underwear fail nation - 7067670016
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Street View FAIL

google maps tractor redneck - 6789666048
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Your Butt Money is No Good Here

facepalm sign redneck fail nation g rated - 8124566272
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The Perfect Brush for Hillbillies With One Tooth

whoops redneck toothbrush - 8074648064
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This is the Most Redneck Photogrpah Every Taken

merica redneck funny - 7710584576
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Signs You Might be a Redneck

budlight boat challenge
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His Brother JoeJoe Jimmy FrankBobdog Was Unavailable for Comment

news redneck name fail nation g rated - 7415516160
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How to Know You're REALLY in the Backwoods

warning sign redneck - 8428353024
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Don't Tell Rednecks What To Do FAIL

guns irony redneck signs - 5434051840
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