I-HOP Customers Are Outraged at What Their Server Called Them and Thus Another Viral Receipt Is Born
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Arainia Brown and her boyfriend Rolman Sparkman just wanted to get take-out from the delicious breakfast (and sometimes other meals) food chains I-HOP. They ended up coming away with a tasty dinner and an offensive receipt. The server apparently typed in "BLACK PPL" to describe them and both Brown and Sparkman feel like he could have used a better term to identify the patrons. Rather than cause a stir and bring up the issue to a manager, Brown posted the receipt online which caused it to go viral. The couple have even done an interview explaining why they felt so upset:

Responses on the internet have ranged from calling their outrage justified to ridiculous. The general consensus is that it was rude at best. I-HOP has apologized and according to the video, so has the server.