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Conflicting Directions FAIL

not for kids product fail wtf - 6091279360
Via Flying Scotsman

Swaddled in the Mouth FAIL

baby parenting product fail wtf - 5784961792
By Jonathan S

Feline Aid FAIL

animals Cats fail nation g rated irony product fail - 5769890816
By Lacey

Cute Home Decor FAIL

innuendo not for kids p33n pedo product fail - 5408500992
By Unknown

Convincing Product FAIL

dogs irony product fail - 5568278016
By Unknown

She's Going Through Some Changes FAIL

batman product fail wonder woman - 5570249216
By RedRedRed90

This Will Go Great With My Pizza FAIL

food ingredients product fail - 5416417792
By melflores

A Typical Printer Experience FAIL

fail nation g rated irony product fail - 6061264896
By Unknown

The Rotten Stench of FAIL

Death marketing product fail wtf - 5849222400
By Unknown


irony outlet product fail - 5584726784
By Unknown

Made in China FAIL

AMERRICA China fail nation geography g rated product fail - 5647750656
By ellie

Watching Your Figure FAIL

fail nation g rated ingredients product fail water - 5509711872
By Unknown

So Young They Can't Even Spell FAIL

love product fail spelling typo - 5519436544
By jamie1127

The Placement Here Could be Better

pringles display bacon during ramadan
Via The Asian Lad

This Product Finally Dropped FAIL

cereal innuendo pedobear product fail - 5457680384
By cvargo

If Ranch is Blue Cheese Then Who am I

ranch dressing recalled blue cheese
Via CNN Wire
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