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What a Subtle Way to Get a Big Ol' Pickle On Some Thirsty Lips

packaging FAIL product placement - 8814563584
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These Aren't the Clone Faces They Were Going For

funny fail image star wars clone trooper socks faces
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Funny and bizarre ads from the e-commerce website 'Wish'

Times 'Wish' Advertised Some Bizarre Sh*t

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But How Bitter Are They?

But How Bitter Are They?
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When You're Packaging isn't as Clever as Your Product

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Product Placement Fail

Ad FAIL energy drink placement product yikes - 8811047168
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For Those With More Than Five, Consult Physician

insert one capsule per vagina
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International Product FAIL

engrish made in china product warning - 6519722240
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Wink Wink if You Know What I Mean Nudge Nudge

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This is How That Works Right?

fast fitness program promises
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Knife Wrench Knife Wrench

knife wrench kit
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What Kind of "Pleasures" Are We Talking About With This Cup?

engrish accidental sexy funny FAIL product - 7782706688
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If it Can't Flow to Water, Pocket Tissues

engrish FAIL product - 8757859328
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Ornage You Glad They Made This Color?

FAIL product spelling - 8581464320
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