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Attractive to Birds FAIL

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Putting Your Head Under a Horse's Ass FAIL

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This Flick Just Strikes Me as Funny

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At least the Catholic church potty trains

poop why - 5738248704

Probably Bad News: Code Brown

gross innuendo poop Probably bad News - 5767727616
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Watch This Furious Woman Throw Dog Poop at Cops After Heated Misunderstanding

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Wrong Order FAIL

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Those Emissions Are Awful

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True Romance Begins Deep in Your Bowels

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Number Two-Rated Grocer FAIL

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Kid Has Diarrhea Attack at The Playground

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Like Father Like Daughter

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Assorted Goods FAIL

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Crap in the Car FAIL

poop - 6193058304
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It's My Birthday And I'll Fart If I Want To FAIL

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Funny reddit thread about girlfriend poop on socks, using socks to wipe | r/relationship_advice posted by whattodobedroom think my girlfriend (26) has been using my gym socks wipe after going bathroom. Throwaway, because reasons. TL;DR: Found my gym socks garbage covered poop. Asked girlfriend about She started yelling at and crying and left

Distressed Dude Asks Reddit For Help With A Very Crappy Relationship Issue

Well, sh*t. One very shook gentleman took to Reddit after discovering that his girlfriend was wiping her butt with his gym socks. The entire situation is insane, and after she explains herself it gets even more crazy. Could you stay with your significant other if you found out they'd been using your socks to clean their bottoms?
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