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Hang Ten (Seconds)

gif FAIL water pool surfing - 8605066752
By ToolBee

Classic: Time to Cool Off From This Argument

whoops pool Perfect Timing - 8251341056
Via Viral Nova
jeep cars pool crash Video fail nation g rated - 51175937

Jeep vs. Pool, Place Your Bets!

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Someone wants to make their pool Vantablack and science says maybe not

Tumblr Thread Explains Nightmarish Reason You DON'T Want A Pure Black Pool

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Strike a Pose *WHARBLARBL

ouch gif pool funny - 7724907264
By Unknown

Hitting the Leg-Plant at the End of the Slide

Via _

Wheelie to Washout in 5 Seconds!

Via Wifflebatcandycorn

Washing Your Car FAIL

cars crash pool water wtf - 5600208128
By geha714

Sometimes You Just Need a Slip of Confidence

Via ABCXYZ123789

Pool Rules: No D(r)iving Please

diving driving parking pool - 5603835648
By Unknown

Watch Out, Dad!

ouch gifs pool g rated fail nation - 8221794304
Via Senor GIF

Chair Dive FAIL

chair gifs pool whee - 6703292160
By Unknown

Barbecue Season FAIL

barbecue cooking fire fire extinguisher food pool - 6545851904
Via Reddit

Swimming Rules FAIL

oddly specific sign swimming pool - 6792897024
By Unknown

The Judges Say You Need to Work on Your Form

ouch gifs diving board pool fail nation g rated - 8374852352
Via Brown Cardigan

Didn't Quite Make It FAIL

jump kid painful pool - 6108035584
By Unknown
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