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Start Right With This Amazing Break

facepalm kids these days pool - 8131663616

The Judges Say You Need to Work on Your Form

ouch gifs diving board pool fail nation g rated - 8374852352
Via Brown Cardigan
Italy summer pool deer Video - 71539713

Summer Starts Early for This Deer in Italy That Got Trapped in a Pool

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FAIL summer australia pool Video snake - 71939841

Just a Regular Summer Activity in Australia

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Car Flop!

cars gif pool g rated fail nation - 8015435520
By Unknown

Watch Out, Dad!

ouch gifs pool g rated fail nation - 8221794304
Via Senor GIF

Washing Your Car FAIL

cars crash pool water wtf - 5600208128
By geha714

Chair Dive FAIL

chair gifs pool whee - 6703292160
By Unknown
ouch jump pool Video - 44578049

Pool Jump FAIL

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Spongebob May Be a Bit Too Ready

funny fail image classic spongebob pool
Via poraomanero

When You Have More Booze Than Table to Lean on

gifs drunk pool - 8307789056
Via Prime_Axe

It's Technically an Above-Ground Pool Now

flooding funny whoops pool you had one job g rated fail nation - 7913537792
By Unknown

Perspective FAIL

pool for sale perspective home not what it looks like - 6992040448
By Unknown

From Cool Bro to Total Jabroni in Seconds

Via pinkygonzales

From Skater Boy to Pool Boy in 5 Seconds

Via boboediting

Well, Swimming Sounded Like a Good Idea Before...

gross note pool funny - 7675855616
Via Reddit
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