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Physics is everywhere. From the movement of every object to the only F on your high school report card. So shake off that abject failure and find the humor in such a complex and unseen force that affects our lives so significantly. 

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Physics Engine FAIL

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physics chainsaw bad idea construction Video - 68246017

Looney Tunes Logic at Work, Right Here

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Things Literally Implode When This Septic Tank Drainage Goes Wrong

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Not Even Being a Literal Astronaut Will Save You From Being Mansplained To Online

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This Might Be Tricky FAIL

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There Goes That A In Physics

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Physics Doing Its Job FAIL

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Clearly This Contractor is Unfamiliar With "Looney Tunes" Physics

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At Least He Won't Hit Any Power Lines!

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Physics in Motion

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Physics is a Hard Lesson to Learn


Physics Strikes Again!

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Don't Mess With Physics, Never Lean Forward

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