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On-Air Blooper photobomb news Video fail nation - 65946369

An Oregon Reporter Gets a Licking on a Live Broadcast

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news photobomb Video On-Air Blooper - 64077569

Anybody Want to Get This Weird Purple Stick Off the News Feed?

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Every Kiss Begins With Kale

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photobomb Video fail nation g rated - 59646209

A Mythical Beast Appears on This Ordinary Newscast

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Never Trust a Stingray to Help You Propose

funny dating image stingray photobombs engagement proposal at aquarium
Via McYay
photobomb weather Video g rated fail nation - 58016513

This Weather Channel Reporter Knows How to Handle a Videobomber

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This is What Happens When a Spider Joins Your Selfie

spiders photobomb selfie Kill It With Fire fail nation g rated - 8185663488
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The Best News-Bombs of the Past 10 Years, All in One Video!

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It Would be a Shame if Things Got Sticky in Here...

gifs news photobomb - 8167379968
Via Brown Cardigan

What a Trendy Pic

Awkward bathroom best of week gross photobomb wtf - 5968928512
By Unknown

The News Just Hit Him

photobomb news FAIL gifs funny - 7844755200
By Unknown
news trolling photobomb Video On-Air Blooper - 70758145

This Goofball is Determined to Get in the Way of News Reports of a Police Standoff in Seattle

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Squat and Push, Kid

photobomb accidental gross perspective not what it looks like fail nation - 8185368832
Via The Sourpuss

Wait for it... Wait for it... and DANCE!

dancing gif photobomb theft - 7984937216
By Unknown

Arm Photobomb FAIL

innuendo p33n photobomb wtf - 5675317504
By Unknown
photobomb news Bloopers Video - 58646785

People Say the Darndest Things on Camera, Especially This Guy

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