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ouch whoops phone Video snake - 71464705

Another Reason to Get Off Your Phone: Avoiding Angry Snakes

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So Close, and Yet!

so close phone bathroom funny - 7486758400
By Unknown

When Your Daughter Doesn't Clear The Search History

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fire phone dangerous Video - 71431425

Turns Out Your Phone's Battery Has a Flamethrower Inside!

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On-Air Blooper news phone Video fail nation - 62920193

On-Air Blooper of the Day: Please Silence Your Phone Before Entering the Newsroom

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There's Truth in Engrish Advertising

phone store engrish engrish funny apple store iphone - 6663607040
By Unknown
phone cars Video g rated - 52332033

A Baby Plays with Dad's Phone and Accidentally Snipes an Online Auction

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Criminally Dumb Criminal whoops phone Video fail nation - 64887297

This Numbskull Really Thought He Could Sell Back the Phone He Stole From the Owner

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Not Swaggy Enough for a Touch Screen

swag facepalm phone funny - 7874619136
By Unknown

A Dangerously Stupid Selfie

FAIL mirror phone gun selfie - 8746732032
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iPhone Delivery FAIL

delivery dogs iphone phone best of week Hall of Fame categoryimage - 6632839936
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Making a Call FAIL

phone genius - 6973603072
By Unknown

Looks Like You Have About Three Days to Fix That

repairs phone irony - 7077685504
By Unknown

Are Telemarketers Fortune Tellers?

FAIL phone facebook - 8606199296
By Unknown

Time to Put Away the Phone, Kid

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