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Wireless FAIL

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busted FAIL TV performance lip sync Video - 84523777

Mariah Carey's Brazen Attitude While Being Busted for Lip Synching Might Have Been the Most Fitting Way to Close Out 2016

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Solo Play FAIL

news headline advertisement band performance fap wording accidental sexy Probably bad News - 6696670208
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live bugs FAIL performance Video - 73475073

Giant Bug Interrupts Girl Group Performance

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puke FAIL baseball performance dance Video - 268295

When You Go Too Hard and Try to Play it Cool, But Then You Barf

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Music FAIL kanye west performance Video win - 73049345

When Kanye West's Mic Fails, He Does Exactly What You 'd Expect Him To Do: Get Mad And Throw His Mic During His Performance

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Some Kids Just Weren't Meant For the Stage

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