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Don't Hide Your Candlelight Under A Bushel

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For Some Reason I Don't Trust Them Anymore

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Fail of the Day: A Taiwainese 12-Year-Old Broke His Fall with a $1.5 Million Painting

A kid fell on a $1.5 million painting in Taiwan.
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Paint Job FAIL

crying paint painting spill whoops - 6564205568
By Unknown

Classy Painting FAIL

animals classy innuendo painting wtf - 5805173248
By doracalva
artwork with a fat cat thrown into the subject matter for good measure and clean fun

Fat Cat Art Is Our Favorite Way to Enjoy Famous Paintings

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Rules of the Road FAIL

car cars driving painting road - 6554780928
By Unknown

Eating a Corndog FAIL

art painting - 6491871488
By Unknown

Remember, There's No Such Thing as Mistakes, Just Happy Accidents

accident DIY painting - 7380973056
By Unknown

Those Aren't Black Pants Anymore

bad day painting bench fail nation g rated - 8320345344
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wtf screaming painting Video wat fail nation g rated - 45606913

Scream Painting FAIL

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Something Here isn't Up to Union Standards

facepalm dangerous ladder painting - 7938343936
By Unknown