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Sharing Your Experiences FAIL

innuendo p33n wal mart wtf - 5904296960
Created by Unknown

Try Our Sausage Sandwich FAIL

food innuendo p33n - 5442618368
Created by Tom M

Posing Location FAIL

innuendo p33n photography - 5878444544
Created by Unknown

Probably Bad News: Those Damn Phallic Faucets

p33n Probably bad News stupidity - 5471788288
Via Pink News

Arm Photobomb FAIL

innuendo p33n photobomb wtf - 5675317504
Created by Unknown

Slightly To The Left FAIL

p33n Professional At Work Things That Are Doing It wtf - 5719604992
Created by greghert

Bubble Bath FAIL

looks like a p33n p33n - 5603617280
Created by DebbyDooDah

Bookmark from Grandma FAIL

fail nation gifts grandma Knitta Please looks like a p33n p33n - 5615404800
Created by Unknown

Creepy Bread Men FAIL

Ad food innuendo p33n wtf - 5524730880
Created by pete

It's Going To Be Stalag-Tight

p33n Things That Are Doing It v4g - 5832802304
Created by Unknown
drawing FAIL parenting p33n Video - 80680193

This Little Girl's Illustration of a 'Family of Giraffes' Look Suspiciously Like Something Else

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Extra Meat FAIL

innuendo p33n Professional At Work signs typo - 5658239744
Via Red Suspenders

Real Mature Carrot, Real Mature

Via Marshall

Cute Home Decor FAIL

innuendo not for kids p33n pedo product fail - 5408500992
Created by Unknown

Interesting Read FAIL

fail nation innuendo news p33n Professional At Work - 5526427392
Created by Unknown

Giving Us Easy Fodder FAIL

innuendo justin bieber p33n - 5683045888
Created by walkdog
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