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Messing With Your Teacher FAIL

class high school innuendo p33n revenge - 5523251456
By stacyrapo

Hung Mannequin FAIL

innuendo mannequin p33n Professional At Work - 5493721344
See all captions By TheDavid

Bubble Bath FAIL

looks like a p33n p33n - 5603617280
By DebbyDooDah
hilarious FAIL sandwich live tv p33n Video - 80653569

Bet This TV Anchor Feels Like a Nob After Accidentally Adding Balls to an Erect Sandcastle

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Elevated Risk FAIL

p33n Probably bad News Professional At Work - 6037890304
By Richard Elias


fast food innuendo McDonald's p33n - 5643632128
By Kat

Probably Bad News: He's Had a Good Run

headlines juxtaposition p33n Probably bad News - 5934401280
By Unknown

Age Appropriate Artist FAIL

chalk Hall of Fame inappropriate kids looks like a p33n p33n - 5626838272
By Unknown

Interesting Read FAIL

fail nation innuendo news p33n Professional At Work - 5526427392
By Unknown

Promo Code FAIL

captcha fail nation innuendo p33n Professional At Work - 5568655360
By Linds

Probably Bad News: Those Damn Phallic Faucets

p33n Probably bad News stupidity - 5471788288
Via Pink News

Wrong Kind of Blowing FAIL

looks like a p33n p33n - 5615409664
By Unknown

Being an Adult Means You Can Buy a Big Ol' Sweet Potato Just Because It Looks Like a Dong

funny fail image woman buys sweet potato that looks like a penis to sell it for charity
Via trademe

Arm Photobomb FAIL

innuendo p33n photobomb wtf - 5675317504
By Unknown

Including His Nickname FAIL

election p33n - 5411304960
By Unknown

Sharing Your Experiences FAIL

innuendo p33n wal mart wtf - 5904296960
By Unknown
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