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oh canada crime Video police fail nation g rated - 58836993

The BBQ Chip Bandit Proves the Situation is Dire in Canada

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What Are The Other 4? FAIL

oh canada school - 5413584640
By bones106

Missing Woman FAIL

best of week disguise Hall of Fame Hiking oh canada Probably bad News search - 6551660800
By Chris Wilson (Via Ottawa Sun)

Stealing From Our Hat FAIL

AMERRICA oh canada product fail wtf - 5707567104
By KatMannD0

Not The 51st State FAIL

geography oh canada product fail - 5573661440
By tovasshi

Canadians Take Their Hockey Very Seriously

oh canada hockey receipt funny - 7435873280
Via Reddit

Probably Bad News: Reverse Psychology Never Works

irony oh canada Probably bad News stupid criminals - 6030807296
Via Reuters

Preventing Icy Roads FAIL

cars crash oh canada Professional At Work - 5773547008
By zchamu (Via NG News)
cars crash g rated oh canada Video wtf YT video - 36312833

Out of Freaking Nowhere FAIL

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Intelligence FAIL

common sense oh canada - 5941293824
By Lisa (Via niagarafallslive)

Our Machine Overlords Must be Kept Toasty

freeze oh canada winter fail nation g rated - 7991214080
By Unknown

The Great Brown North FAIL

clothing Hall of Fame oh canada - 5653790720
By eddabed

The Most Canadian Apology Ever

drunk oh canada apology funny fail nation g rated - 7691775488
By Unknown