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This is the Greatest Note of All Time to Leave For Someone Who Sucks at Parking

funny fail image horrible parking resulted in getting the ultimate bad parking note
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Presenting to You: The Most Entitled Person Ever

note jerk parking - 7347174144
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Locking the Laundry Room Door FAIL

note - 6488099840
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If You Accidentally Steal Someone's Car, This is Probably the Nicest Note You Could Return it With

funny fail facebook image woman finds car stolen by accident with nice return note
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Check the Next Package You Ask Your Parents to Mail You Doesn't Come With an Angry Note

funny parenting image father mails son's guitar with an angry note on it
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Spider Attack! FAIL

note spider trapped - 6434869760
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A Friendly Reminder, Cabbies

right in the feels note driver cab - 7022885888
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Well, Swimming Sounded Like a Good Idea Before...

gross note pool funny - 7675855616
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Sneaky Courtesy FAIL

note parking passive aggressive - 6596680960
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Anonymous Note Tries to Shame Woman For Literally Air-Drying Her Clean Laundry

funny fail image woman gets note about drying her underwear on clothes line near school
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If This Letter is to be Believed, We're Looking at the Worst Neighbor Ever

neighbors note apartment fail nation g rated - 8377198848
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christmas news FAIL list drunk australia note money Video win - 1213957

One Drunk Australian Accidentally Stole Christmas Joy From a Young Girl and it's as Close as We'll Get to the Grinch In Real Life in 2016

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The Worst Hostel Roommate Ever Gets an Earful

burn note fail nation - 8116773888
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Here Kitty Kitty Kitty...

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When Car Theft Prevention is Useless, Use Sympathy and Apathy to Get Your Car Back Faster

funny fail image crappy car gets stolen a lot so owner writes thieves a note
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How to Tell the Neighbor Kids Hate You

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