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St. Francis at Home

bears Probably bad News animals newspaper - 8303368192
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Editing FAIL

lazy typo headline newspaper - 7023505920
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Shoots Black Powder, Plows Through White Powder

guns christmas newspaper santa - 7963966208
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Restocking Those are Going to Be a Real Game of Ketchup

funny fail image punny disaster headline
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You Mean Incorrectly?

facepalm editor spelling newspaper - 8252443392

We Have a Master Criminal on Our Hands, Folks

Probably bad News slow news day newspaper - 8093408512
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This is Not Fair Compensation

ouch headline funny newspaper fail nation - 7592297984
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Meanwhile, in a 90s Cartoon...

marriage names newspaper - 8188494336
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No Pants Can Contain This Tool

advertisement accidental sexy pants newspaper - 6975373056
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The Last Newspaper Should Say "BATMAN"

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It's True, He Really Did Shoot First

headline newspaper star wars nerdgasm fail nation g rated - 8080968704
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What if the Solution to California's Drought Was Right in Front of Our Stupid Faces?

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Way Too High FAIL

news typo newspaper - 6656459264
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Probably Bad News: A Real Head Scratcher

newspaper sewer smell - 6279542016
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Somebody Typed With Their Face Again

Probably bad News editor newspaper - 7421602816
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Surely There's a Parallel to be Found Here?

news headline funny newspaper fail nation g rated - 7604330240
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