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Baking Can be Fun, or Just Derpy

Derpy NAILED IT meme of making cute ducks cakes
Via Joanne Casey

Maybe It's the Photo Timing, Maybe it's...

Perfect Timing photography hair Nailed It - 8228533248
Via Viral Nova

Memebase: Fresco Chango!

best of week Hall of Fame Nailed It - 6532025856
Created by Unknown

Pothole: Fixed

Nailed it fail at fixing it a pothole in the road by using a shovel embedded into the road way - 4m2m9m8a
Via Zoldseg

Satan Side Up

egg fail that looks like the spawn of the devil
Via Brown Cardigan

We're Being Invaded by Total Dorks!

funny NAILED IT fail of alien water balloons that inflated totally wrong.
Via Cubicle Bot

Nailing it On the Uneven Bars

gif sports gymnastics Nailed It - 7117153792
Created by Unknown
so close Close Enough funny Nailed It fail nation g rated - 80133

These FAILs Aren't Quite Perfect, But Close Enough

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Cupcakes FAIL

baking cake cupcakes Nailed It rainbow - 6508106240
Created by Unknown

These Were Supposed to be Cute M&M's-Stuffed Bunny Cakes

dessert baking expectations vs reality Nailed It - 8143938816
Via virulentcode

These Colors Don't Rise and Fluff

cake america Nailed It g rated fail nation - 8248234752
Created by Joanne and Piper

Such Majestic Biscuit Creatures

Nailed It animals cookies - 8402732544
Via Random1634

Close Enough

Close Enough pancakes food funny Nailed It - 7614317312
Via Reddit

This Lego Cake is Crying Out For Mercy

cake FAIL lego Nailed It - 8548166144
Created by WriterLaurenSargeant

Santa Bread FAIL

bread santa sketchy santas Nailed It holidays - 6875367680
Created by Unknown
diy fixes fails

21 Hilariously Failed DIY Fixes

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