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We're Being Invaded by Total Dorks!

funny NAILED IT fail of alien water balloons that inflated totally wrong.
Via Cubicle Bot

When Ninja Turtles Breakfast Goes Wrong

breakfast TMNT accidental sexy pancakes funny Nailed It fail nation - 7788441088
Via Reddit

That Tailgate is Only Available on the Special Edition

Land vehicle - Magnolia Tacoma ToraTA SR5
Via Acid Cow

Nailed it Just in Times for Christmas!

cookies Nailed It - 7979334912
Created by Unknown

Expectations vs. Reality vs. Pancake Mutants

NAILED IT pancake art of making pedobear but getting w u no
Created by Unknown

Cupcakes FAIL

baking cake cupcakes Nailed It rainbow - 6508106240
Created by Unknown

Memebase: Fresco Chango!

best of week Hall of Fame Nailed It - 6532025856
Created by Unknown
so close Close Enough funny Nailed It fail nation g rated - 80133

These FAILs Aren't Quite Perfect, But Close Enough

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This One Will Not be Making it to Pinterest

Nailed it pic of yoga fail, how it looked on Pinterest VS how it actually looks
Via Brown Cardigan

Yep, Time for a Rice Cooker

cooking expectations vs reality Nailed It fail nation g rated - 8172246784
Via Acid Cow
Philippine diving team gets all zeros for NAILED IT fail worthy dives

Filipino Divers Score Perfect Zeros for Amazingly Awful Dives

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Perforated DECEIT

expectations vs reality food lies Nailed It - 8159956480
Via Acid Cow

How the Pros do Thanksgiving

NAILED IT fail of making Thanksgiving birds out of apples
Via tpolisher

These Colors Don't Rise and Fluff

cake america Nailed It g rated fail nation - 8248234752
Created by Joanne and Piper

Pothole: Fixed

Nailed it fail at fixing it a pothole in the road by using a shovel embedded into the road way - 4m2m9m8a
Via Zoldseg

Tres Magnifique!

expectations vs reality food Nailed It - 8233298688
Via Obiektyw1855
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