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A Rainbow-Colored Disaster in the Kitchen

pinterest expectations vs reality food Nailed It - 8403489280
Via Viral Nova

My FAILshake Brings no Boys to The Yard

cooking food Nailed It - 5797263872
Created by Unknown

Maybe It's the Photo Timing, Maybe it's...

Perfect Timing photography hair Nailed It - 8228533248
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This One Will Not be Making it to Pinterest

Nailed it pic of yoga fail, how it looked on Pinterest VS how it actually looks
Via Brown Cardigan

That Tailgate is Only Available on the Special Edition

Land vehicle - Magnolia Tacoma ToraTA SR5
Via Acid Cow

The Derp Cakes-by

cake books funny Nailed It - 7602030336

How the Pros do Thanksgiving

NAILED IT fail of making Thanksgiving birds out of apples
Via tpolisher

Memebase: Fresco Chango!

best of week Hall of Fame Nailed It - 6532025856

That's Supposed to be a John Cena Pinata. Key Word, "Supposed."

pinata wwe expectations vs reality wrestling Nailed It - 8408598784
Via Uproxx

Large Obvious Warning FAIL

cooking directions Nailed It warning - 6049315840
Created by Unknown

Baking Can be Fun, or Just Derpy

Derpy NAILED IT meme of making cute ducks cakes
Via Joanne Casey

These Colors Don't Rise and Fluff

cake america Nailed It g rated fail nation - 8248234752
Created by Unknown

Close Enough

Close Enough pancakes food funny Nailed It - 7614317312
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Cupcakes FAIL

baking cake cupcakes Nailed It rainbow - 6508106240

You Better Hope They Can Laser Burn it Off

NAILED IT tattoo that is a real fail, and has loads of spelling errors.
Created by jessedangerranger

Jabba the Snowman

Close Enough baking expectations vs reality Nailed It snowman fail nation g rated - 7970339584
Via Reddit
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