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It's Full of Surprises, and Failure!

cake baking expectations vs reality Nailed It - 8124320000
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It's Not Baking, It's Failing With Style

cake toy story expectations vs reality Nailed It fail nation g rated - 8004349440
Created by Unknown

These Were Supposed to be Cute M&M's-Stuffed Bunny Cakes

dessert baking expectations vs reality Nailed It - 8143938816
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You Better Hope They Can Laser Burn it Off

NAILED IT tattoo that is a real fail, and has loads of spelling errors.
Created by jessedangerranger

Memebase: Fresco Chango!

best of week Hall of Fame Nailed It - 6532025856
Created by Unknown

A Rainbow-Colored Disaster in the Kitchen

pinterest expectations vs reality food Nailed It - 8403489280
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When Ninja Turtles Breakfast Goes Wrong

breakfast TMNT accidental sexy pancakes funny Nailed It fail nation - 7788441088
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FAIL o' The Irish

food Nailed It St Patrick's Day - 5944236800
Created by Unknown

That's Supposed to be a John Cena Pinata. Key Word, "Supposed."

pinata wwe expectations vs reality wrestling Nailed It - 8408598784
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These Colors Don't Rise and Fluff

cake america Nailed It g rated fail nation - 8248234752
Created by Joanne and Piper

Pothole: Fixed

Nailed it fail at fixing it a pothole in the road by using a shovel embedded into the road way - 4m2m9m8a
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Large Obvious Warning FAIL

cooking directions Nailed It warning - 6049315840
Created by Colton P.
diy fixes fails

21 Hilariously Failed DIY Fixes

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This Lego Cake is Crying Out For Mercy

cake FAIL lego Nailed It - 8548166144
Created by WriterLaurenSargeant

These Cookies Got Scary, but Maybe for the Wrong Reasons

Nailed It cookies g rated - 8363335936
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Close Enough

Close Enough pancakes food funny Nailed It - 7614317312
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