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Why Not Just Photoshop the Model Out Entirely?

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airplane FAIL flight model Video right in the face - 76027137

This Airplane Flight is the Model of FAIL

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Fashion: Walk, Turn, Swim


Photoshop FAIL

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FAIL model trick Video win - 74257921

Watch as This Model's Mind is Blown with a Simple Trick Question

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Fashion Standards are Ridiculous These days

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food new zealand model Video - 76966657

How Many Do You Think This Competitive Eater / Model Can Eat Out of 100 Cheeseburgers?

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FAIL model right in the face drones Video - 221703

Watch as an Aspiring Model Takes a Drone to the Face During a Photoshoot

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runway fashion FAIL model Video - 82566145

New York Fashion Week is No Place For a Model to Try and Start a Break Dancing Career

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