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Industrial Strength FAIL

innuendo missing letters - 5933355264
By Unknown

Slowly and Carefully FAIL

classic grass missing letters signs - 5626835200
By Unknown

Stop By For A Hot One FAIL

innuendo missing letters Professional At Work v4g - 5469181440
By Andrew

Unfailing FAIL

irony missing letters store name - 5449713664
By John Park

It Actually Sounds More Appetizing This Way FAIL

missing letters Professional At Work restaurant - 5441451264
Via Reddit

Freshly Squeezed FAIL

bewbs fail nation Hall of Fame missing letters orange juice - 5630060288
By alexander593

Yellow Smoothie FAIL

billboard food gross missing letters - 5927556864
By kippy007

Didn't Know They Were a Sperm Bank FAIL

fap missing letters - 5665341440
By Rayfire1989

Forgetting The P FAIL

missing letters Professional At Work typo - 5920320768
By Laura

Favorite Place to Eat FAIL

innuendo missing letters signs - 5631749376
By Unknown