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Landlord unsuccessfully tries to keep the security deposit, and it backfires on them | r/pettyrevenge Join u/Anotherminion1 Landlord "Always" Keeps Security Deposits? Game On! Please be gentle s my first story. Many moons ago, after my divorce saved up enough money move my apartment building with 12 units) and buy house really excited and told my favorite neighbor. He told not even bother trying get my security deposit back because landlord never returned security deposits

Landlord Tries To Keep Security Deposit, Petty Revenge Ensues

All landlords just need to play by the rules.
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motorcycle karma ouch Video - 64722177

Flipping the Bird on the Road? This is What Happens.

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How Much Horsepower Do You Need to Break Free of Wet Cement?

cars karma justice g rated fail nation - 8154188544
Via Reyali
rage Video karma - 61406977

The Tool of Choice for This Vengeful Dollar Store Employee is Weaponized Febreeze

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CLASSIC: Instant Payback

gif exercise ball karma ouch - 7946946816
Created by Unknown
cars Video karma - 61040641

Your Shortcut Backfired, and We Have the Video Evidence to Prove it

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falling karma pool slip Video - 33576449

Horsing Around FAIL

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FAIL driving Video karma - 74412033

Instant Karma When a Car Tries to Show Up a Motorcycle at a Red Light

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ouch Video karma fail nation funny - 50289921

This Gallon Smasher Receives Immediate Karmic Payback

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That Kid's Name? Karma.

Via AkioUK

Karma is Swift and Sweet

gifs karma - 8390862592

This Idiot Will Make You Root for the Pigeon

whoops gifs karma fail nation - 8274040576
FAIL driving truck Video karma - 72022273

This Truck Driver Learns What Instant Road Karma is After Passing Someone

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pets revenge Cats Video karma - 69497089

Revenge of the Day: Cat Gets Back at Guitar Player for Kicking Him Out of Chair

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ouch Video karma fail nation - 64235777

Dork Used HEAD KICK. It Failed!

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drunk cars driving Video karma fail nation - 66796545

A Group of Drunk, Belligerent 20-Somethings Try to Order at the Drive-Thru, Get Immediately Busted by the Cops

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