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Immediate Karmic Justice

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Instant Karma FAIL

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Landlord unsuccessfully tries to keep the security deposit, and it backfires on them | r/pettyrevenge Join u/Anotherminion1 Landlord "Always" Keeps Security Deposits? Game On! Please be gentle s my first story. Many moons ago, after my divorce saved up enough money move my apartment building with 12 units) and buy house really excited and told my favorite neighbor. He told not even bother trying get my security deposit back because landlord never returned security deposits

Landlord Tries To Keep Security Deposit, Petty Revenge Ensues

All landlords just need to play by the rules.
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Four Minutes of Delicious Karmic Revenge

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Revenge of the Day: Cat Gets Back at Guitar Player for Kicking Him Out of Chair

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This Gallon Smasher Receives Immediate Karmic Payback

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A shady landlord gets defeated by a moral enforcer | r/ProRevenge u/lilliesdaddy wont give up til are no longer landlord Special thanks reditter who helped learn proper formatting. u/Rhamona_Q. Warning! This is long read but comments indicate may be worth time read regretfully got an apartment with is my opinion worst landlord ever. This man will call entitled dick or ED, has audacity call himself good person court. Let fill got an apartment shortly after being released prison. Happy

Shady Landlord Defeated By Moral Enforcer

Never give up.
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Video of anti-masker Karen being arrested for refusing to leave a store because she wouldn't wear a mask

Police Arrest Aptly Named Anti-Mask "Karen" For Trespassing

Karma, baby.
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Karma in the Cake FAIL

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Nasty neighbors won't be considerate of neighbor over a heater situation, so a pro revenge takes place. | r/ProRevenge Join u/VloekenenVentileren 2h 1 2 1 e2 S 1 1 Don't wanna turn down heating unit make sure start day freezing cold. So this story takes place only few weeks ago live on first floor cornerbuilding and ground floor this building is general commercial unit had been vacant about year changed december 2020. At point national post service rented out building as temporary place where me

Neighbors Won't Turn Down Heating Unit, They Pay The Price

Should've just played nice.
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Sometimes You're Reminded That Karma Can Be Cruel and Icy Cold

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Dork Used HEAD KICK. It Failed!

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Watch Woman Experience Painful Instant Karma When She Tries to Attack Snowman

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How Much Horsepower Do You Need to Break Free of Wet Cement?

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CLASSIC: Instant Payback

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Family bands together for pro revenge | r/ProRevenge Join u/BrigadoonRoseFall Farm Folk vs City Crew Hello all! My nieces and nephews have decided as cool auntie, must master this thing called reddit with stories my youth hope all enjoy seeing story written out as much as they've enjoyed hearing over years.

Women Try To Take Advantage Of Campground Fare, It Backfires

Man, you just love to see a family come together.
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