Landlord Threatens Court so Tenant Takes Him to Court

What a splendid little example of calling someone's bluff. This landlord was completely unhelpful and thought their threat would let them illegally keep their tenant's security deposit. After getting caught lying in court, this tenant had their ex-landlord eating their stupid words. People sometimes win against their landlords, like this guy who got contractual revenge on his landlord or this person who staged a coup d'etat on their terrible landlord.

Landlord threatens court but tenant goes anyway and wins | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/bripotato 20 hours ago Ex-landlord says he'll "see court take him court instead and win. oC L Tldr; basically title. Brief backstory couple years ago an apartment with my friend and younger sister. My sister violent towards my friend and and ended up having get restraining order against her. She brought dog without permission, which caused some damage unit informed my landlord incidences violence and dam
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