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This Manchester Police Tweet is Baffling and Twitter is Having None of It

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On the Job FAIL

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Looking For Help FAIL

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Stories of big mistakes people made at work | anexistentialpeanut 4.8k points 9 hours ago My first day working at coffe shop left my sharpie oven. Finally found while trying warm sandwich and had shut whole thing down be cleaned smelled like chemical weapon

Times People Really Screwed Up at Work

One misplaced item can turn into a whole lot of pain.
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Funny pics of people who failed at their one job | pipe going through a stone wall spilling water on a bench | DENTIST ASSAULT Suspect Firstname Lastname News suspect photo

29 Cringey Times People Tried And Failed At Their One Job

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A company assumes that an employee's being dishonest about their time logging, and employee proves otherwise.

Company Thinks Employee's Being Dishonest With Time Logging, Learns Otherwise

Serves them right.
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"Felony" Does Not Count as Job Experience

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A co-worker expects a free dinner after an operation from two weeks ago | Are getting dinner today? M isn't so 's just and Not today brought mine cos skint til Friday haha Fuck sake am supposed do then don't know, perhaps go get dinner by yourself?

Co-Worker Expects Free Dinner Two Weeks After Operation

Oh, come on now.
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It's Highly Likely That She Didn't Proofread Her Resumé

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Boss orders office demolition with forklift and it goes wrong | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Naige2020 Drive forklift through oC M This may take while relate but lot happened working as Warehouse Manager pharmaceutical\cosmetic company. Our premises part large industrial complex had been walled off into three smaller buildings had three different businesses occupying them. My office free standing building inside warehouse about size shipping container. My company process

Boss Demands Demolished Office, Gets More than That

Unclear intentions make great big expenses.
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funny unprofessional not my job moments | truck dragging towing an upside down car behind it | swirly white markings on a road

"Not My Job" Moments of Quality Unprofessionalism

Good enough
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Ever Wonder Why Service is so Slow?

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Manager lays off a third of the team, expects remaining people to work harder, and it backfires | r/ProRevenge Join u/gaarmstrong318 1d 3 O1 S 1 2 Lay off third team and expect us work harder will see about So this happened sometime 2010's somewhere UK s all revealing worked medium sized PLC small team worked with sales department getting quotes had previously worked another team different department same company as well. This also includes elements malicious compliance l'll post this there as

Manager Fires Third Of Team, Expects Them To Work Harder, It Backfires

Manager had no idea what they were doing.
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funny memes about working | boss is coming and need pretend doing something person nailing waves to the beach sand | late work winter Michael Jordan crying behind frosted windshield

Work Memes to Help Maintain the Grind

Grab life by the paycheck.
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An AskReddit thread about people that actually love their jobs | jarofherb 11h get paid an excessive amount deliver excessively priced appliances extremely excessively well funded occupants Lake Tahoe. Like 90 job is just going on an amazing drive.

People That Love Their Jobs

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A petty revenge about a coworker snitching on an employee for being late | r/pettyrevenge u/fixerofthings 2y Join say only called boss out concern my well being? Well being called him had follow suit few weeks ago, my coworker (CW negating some minor protocols which left some equipment down overnight. He also didn't send emails some our remote teams regarding downed equipment. So did him solid (or so thought) and sent him and only him an email telling him he did wrong very next night, he did

Coworker Snitches On Employee For Being Late, Petty Revenge Ensues

Just don't be a snitch.
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