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What Everyone Uses It For FAIL

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Created by Chris Peterson
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According to This Simple Hypothetical Canine-Fashion Question There are Only Two Kinds of People, Which Are You?

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Probably Bad News: Have You Tried Turning it Off and Turning it On Again?

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Created by Unknown
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The Internet Is Obsessed with These Extremely Long Jeans Accidentally Being Shipped to People

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mike pence spooky chili's pic

Is This Image of Mike Pence and Family 2 Spoopy For the Internet?

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The Internet's Ripping Russell Wilson a New One After He Posted This Ridiculous Rambo-Inspired Poster

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The Cracked Internet Party Features Some Familiar Face(book)s

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New Wikipedia Picture FAILs

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Created by Unknown

Probably Bad News: Standard Norwegian Eye Test

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Created by Abu Jazar ( Via )

Well, That's Some Useful Advice

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Created by Unknown

But Why Won't the Network Run?

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Via Reddit
Tumblr post that explains The Game

Tumblr Enlightens Youth on “The Game” You Just Lost

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some real self importance titans

15 Self Important Mind Titans Who Really Brought the Intellectual Heat

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