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This Poor Jockey Totally Eats it in the Middle of a Race

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Got Some Place to be, Mr. Horse?

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It Was a Fun Night, Yes

drunk what passed out weird horse - 6938847232

Now THAT's a Horse of a Different Color!

pets gross Probably bad News funny horse - 7515535360
Via NBC10
tumblr thread about the space shuttle

Tumblr User Derails Our Idea Of The World's Most Advanced Transportation System

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That's a Drunk of a Different Color

headline funny horse newspaper - 7831797248

Time to Fuel Up Your Horses

Via Bits and Pieces

If You Fall Off a Horse You Get Back On, But What About if You Can't Even Get On the Dang Thing?

funny fail gif getting on a horse
Via Bjna

Anybody Remember Where I Put My Horse?

animals horse weird - 8224837376
Via Metro

That Horse Has a Black Belt

ouch gifs right in the face horse g rated fail nation - 8414858752
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Very Educational

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Via adamgamble

Hung Like a Horse

art facebook horse - 7047182848

Go Home, There's No Better Headlines to Write

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Via CBS News

Getting Some Snacks FAIL

convenience store cop horse soda - 6577079552
exercise funny Video horse fail nation g rated - 50780673

This Woman is Actually Trying to Promote "Prancercise," Exercising Like a Horse

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That's a Horse of a Different Color!

news McDonald's funny weird fast food horse - 7682812416
Created by domKaos ( Via BBC )
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