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Go Home, There's No Better Headlines to Write

headline cute horse - 8356305408
Via CBS News

That's a Horse of a Different Color!

news McDonald's funny weird fast food horse - 7682812416
By domKaos (Via BBC)

Sneaking Up on a Horse FAIL

gifs horse kick - 6473171968
By Unknown

Getting Some Snacks FAIL

convenience store cop horse soda - 6577079552
By Unknown

You Can't Stop True Love

accidental gross wedding horse newspaper - 8294168064
Via Bad Newspaper

Very Educational

balls kids parenting facebook horse - 8329154816
Via adamgamble
tweets from the weird horse

This Weird Horse Is Tweeting Hilarious Tales From The Farm

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Video fart animals horse fail nation g rated - 68001793

Yes, That is a Horse Passing a Colossal Amount of Gas. Just Laugh and Enjoy it.

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Video fart animals horse - 70163201

If Being a Horse is All About Snoring Loudly and Farting, We Are All Beautiful Horses

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Now THAT's a Horse of a Different Color!

pets gross Probably bad News funny horse - 7515535360
Via NBC10
exercise funny Video horse fail nation g rated - 50780673

This Woman is Actually Trying to Promote "Prancercise," Exercising Like a Horse

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animals horse police Video - 65120769

A Horse Walking into This UK Police Station is Like "Police Academy" Brought to Life

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A Bride Riding a Unicorn Photoshoot is a Great Idea Until...

funny fail image bride falls off unicorn-horse in wedding photoshoot
Via Caters

If You Fall Off a Horse You Get Back On, But What About if You Can't Even Get On the Dang Thing?

funny fail gif getting on a horse
Via Bjna

Straight From the Horse's Mouth FAIL

bite gifs hand horse - 6433680128
By Unknown

Anybody Remember Where I Put My Horse?

animals horse weird - 8224837376
Via Metro
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